Commission 5: Business Models and Operation


The mission of Commission 5 is to contribute to the development and implementation of business models describing the rationale of how mapping and cadastre agencies can create, deliver and capture value, in economic, legal, social, governance, cultural or other contexts.


This Commission runs small projects and organizes workshops on the following topics:
Crowdsourcing and National Mapping, Sustainable Open Data Business Models for NMCAs, Economic Values of 3D data, Valuing the Societal Benefits of Geospatial Information, Authoritative Data in a European context, Usability of Geospatial Data, Use and needs of Spatial Data Infrastructures, Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures, Future research topics on Spatial Data Infrastructure.



§  Business case analysis

§  Economic valuation

§  Funding/Financing models

§  Geospatial Policies

§  Digital transformation

§ Legal aspects including Liability/Ownership, Intellectual Property Rights, Licensing, Privacy

§ Open Data Ecosystem

§  Authoritative data

§  Co-creation

§ Governance + Partnerships

§ Performance management

§ Future role of NMCA






Frédéric Cantat