Commission 2: Modelling and Processing


The mission of Commission 2 is to investigate, demonstrate and evaluate the generation, processing, structuring, maintenance and distribution of spatial information. The focus is on algorithms, including machine learning, Cloud-computing and upscaling.


This commission runs small projects and organizes workshops and benchmarks on topics like integration of Building and Geospatial Information Modelling, 3D city modelling, automatic generation and analysis of 3D (meshed) point clouds.  



§  Point cloud generation from multi-view stereo or LiDAR

§  Point cloud classification and interpretation

§  Mesh and surface model generation

§  Data models, information models and data structures

§  3D GIS, BIM and HBIM

§  Multi-scale & generalisation

§  Big data

§  Geoprocessing

§ Validation of spatial data and cleaning



Norbert Haala