Commission 4: Information Usage


The mission of Commission 4 is to explore, demonstrate and contribute to further increase the usage, access and visualization of authorized geodata as well as to investigate better mechanisms for the dissemination of geodata from database to end-users.



Commission 4 develops activities around historical data: to enhance interconnections between current solutions, across space (from one country to another) and across time (from the past to prospective scenarios). In the domain of spatial information infrastructure, INSPIRE and the Semantic Web, we aim at inciting more NMA to publish their data as linked data and at making authoritative geographical data more discoverable and usable from specific communities, in particular academics and teachers. Last, we also study how to render places with new technologies and also for generations with different digital abilities.



§      User demand analysis

§ Domain integration

§ Harmonisation

§ Interoperability

§ NSDI, geoportals, INSPIRE, GeoWeb

§ Distribution and access to geodata

§ Geographic information retrieval

§  Protocols for data distribution on distributed architectures, possibly services oriented (Linked Data, GML, WMS, WFS, WS, etc.)

§ Geo analysis

§ Cartography (incl. web cartography)

§ Visualisation

§ Mapping on demand

§ Metadata



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