Commission 1: Data Acquisition

The mission of Commission 1 is to investigate, test and validate platforms, sensors and algorithms to acquire geospatial data, with emphasis on precision, accuracy, reliability and standardization of data acquisition and pre-processing procedures.


Commission 1 runs small research projects and benchmarks, as well as organizing workshops, on topics relating to primary geospatial data acquisition. Activity includes research, often conducted in a three-way partnership between NMCAs, industry and academe, into new sensor systems and platforms (on the ground, in the air or in space). Recent and ongoing projects include the evaluation of oblique imaging systems, single photon / Geiger mode lidar, hybrid systems and their application potential for the generation of national topographic datasets. 



§  Platforms

§  Sensors

§  Georeferencing 

§  Positioning

§  Mobile mapping

§  Point cloud generation

§ Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS)

§  Terrestrial, airborne and spaceborne imagery





Jon Mills