Commission 3: Updating and Integration

The mission of Commission 3 is to investigate, demonstrate and evaluate advanced methods of archiving, updating, semantically enriching and integrating geo-information with spatial (sub)elements. The Commission's focus lies at the exploitation of these methods and its applications applied to geospatial data and for the benefits for national mapping and cadastre agencies (NMCAs).

Commission 3 has a focus on data, information and data-analysis on the best modern and innovative way. For NMCA’s, data is core business and gives them lots of opportunities to answer actual problems in society like discussions about property, climate-change, safety and energy. Good quality data, well storage, meta-archiving and data-combining results in many new possibilities to do more with (geographical) datasets. This commission organizes courses and seminars to learn about it and is the linking element to all other commissions.


§  Machine and deep learning methods

§  Incremental updating

§  Change detection/object recognition

§  Update stream

§  Historical data analysis

§  Archiving and storing data

§  Crowdsourcing information

§  Heterogeneous information

§  Data integration and structuring

§ Data science & big data



Martijn Rijsdijk