Official Publication No. 68 (2017)
Assessing the Economic Value of 3D Geo-Information
Official Publication No. 64 (2014)
This publication contains the reports 'Change detection of Benchmark of Image Matching', 'Change detection in High Resolution Land Use/Cover Geodatabases', 'Crowdsourcing and National Mapping', a survey on 'The art of 3D Geographical Information Systems'
Official Publication No. 58 (2010)
Official Publication No. 58. contains the final reports of two EuroSDR projects: 1)State-of-the-Art of Automated Generalisation in Commercial Software, and 2) Medium Format Cameras
Workshop report - EUnet4DBP (2021)
This workshop report presents the highlights of the EUnet4DBP International workshop on Digital Building Permit that took place on 25 and 26 March 2021.