6 October 2023

EuroSDR is pleased to announce that het Waterschapshuis is now Associate Member of EuroSDR. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation!

25 September 2023

This workshop will be held as an online

6 September 2023
The workshop aims at providing insights in data ecosystems in the context of spatial data infrastructure (SDI), identifying concepts and challenges to uncover relevant research topics, encouraging development of best practice recommendations and spur collaboration on use cases across domains and sectors. The workshop will also make room for networking and knowledge exchange among the participants. Abstracts for a presentation can cover a variety of relevant topics and should be submitted by 15 September.
22 June 2023
Since 2016, EuroSDR has recognised contemporary PhD theses that have significantly contributed to the development of geoinformation science in the context of national mapping and cadastral agencies (NMCAs). To enhance collaboration between European academia and NMCAs, as well as to engage young scientists in its research endeavours, EuroSDR is pleased to announce its 2023 competition, the 2023 EuroSDR Award for the best PhD thesis related to geoinformation science.