Special Interest Group on 3D (3D SIG)

"Special Interest Group on 3D (3D SIG)", Jantien Stoter, Marc Post, Eric Bayers, Bénédicte Bucher, Piotr Woźniak, Josef Dorsch, Gunnar Lysell, Thomas Lithen, Risto Ilves, David Capstick, Rollo Home, Paul Kane, André Streilein and Tobias Kellenberger

Over the past ten years technologies for generating, maintaining and using 3D geo-information have matured. EuroSDR has conducted several studies on 3D in the past. Until recently, 3D was limited to project-based, isolated areas, research and prototypes. Now 3D techniques have matured and OGC has established a standard for 3D data, in many countries it is no longer a question, if countrywide 3D mapping should be realised, but “when” and “how”.

In order to allow for a long term approach to study 3D issues, EuroSDR established in 2013 a special interest group on 3D which focusses on defining common strategies based on best practices and up-to-date technology. The group is responsible for the following activities:

  • Organise a workshop series to share experiences, monitor state-of-the-art and identify open research questions/future requirements, as continuation of the Dublin and Munich workshops in 2010 and the Paris workshop in 2013. The outcomes are shared with the community, preferably via a paper and presentations.
  • Carry out a research projects to collect best practices of 3D national mapping initiatives to gain knowledge and better understanding on:
    • potentials of 3D information: exploitation of 3D information in identified use cases
    • using 2D legacy data sets for national 3D mapping: which one is prime the 2D or 3D database?
    • integrating 3D datasets; integrating 2D and 3D data sets; linking to other domians (i.e. 3D cadastre/LADM; BIM).
  • Start a working group on 3D standardisation: define implementation profiles for CityGML to be adopted by EuroSDR, in close collaboration with the OGC 3D Special Interest Group, the OGC CityGML working group and INSPIRE.

Current Members of the EuroSDR 3D SIG are:

IGN Belgium: Eric Bayers
IGN France: Benedicte Bucher
ISOK, Poland: Piotr Woźniak
Kadaster, The Netherlands: Marc Post, Jantien Stoter
Landesamt für Digitalisierung Breitband und Vermessung, Bavaria , Germany: Josef Dorsch
Lantmateriet, Sweden: Gunnar Lysell and Thomas Lithen
National Land Survey, Finland: Risto Ilves
Ordnance Survey GB: David Capstick and Rollo Home
Ordnance Survey Ireland: Paul Kane
Swisstopo: André Streilein and Tobias Kellenberger


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