GeoBIM - Phase 2

"GeoBIM - Phase 2", Jantien Stoter and Claire Ellul

In both the Geographic Information (Geo) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) domains, it is widely acknowledged that the integration of data from both domains is beneficial and a crucial step forwards for future 3D city modelling, as well as for facing the multi-disciplinary challenges of our built environment. From the data perspective, this integration handles about the question how to integrate design & construction data from the BIM domain and geospatial data (both 2D and 3D).

There are currently many different interpretations and methods to convert BIM data into geo data and vice versa and they all have pros and cons. For a fundamental solution supporting the life-cycle of objects, we need one uniform and standardised transformation based on a common view on how individual, highly detailed BIM-models can be best integrated in geo-databases that contain topographic data at lower levels of detail. This integration question asks for a cross-country and cross-organisational approach, which is the topic of a new EuroSDR project.

The general aim of the project is to detail both the needs and the issues of GeoBIM integration, studied from use cases as well as from existing experiences in the participating countries and to develop initial solutions accordingly. First phase, (November 2017-May 2018) aimed at making an inventory of the GeoBIM state-of-play in the participating countries by means of a questionnaire. The second phase aims at the definition of a workflow and of the specific requirements of the data for managing GeoBIM information within two specific use cases: (1) Workflow from global design to building permission issuing; (2) Life-cycle support in asset-management. The project is expected to finish end 2019.

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