EuroSDR Open Knowledge Graph

"EuroSDR Open Knowledge Graph ", Bénédicte Bucher & Erwin Folmer

The purpose of this project, led within the EuroSDR Linked Data Group, is to engage in the collaborative creation of a EuroSDR Open Knowledge Graph (KG) related to digital assets in Europe that have a spatial component. The added value compared to catalogues is to comprehend links between metadata depicting different assets. These links can be used to discover and compare assets, without using a federated url and API. It is also to bear relevant information for the joint usage of the assets. First results are a linked data sandbox, a well-documented and user-friendly procedure for any expert who knows digital assets to create nodes in the KG without being a linked data specialist. A second result is the analysis of categories of links that exist between such nodes, i.e. the kind of links that exist between digital assets.