EuroSDR PhD awards

Since 2016, EuroSDR has recognised contemporary PhD theses that have significantly contributed to the development of geoinformation science in the context of national mapping and cadastral agencies (NMCAs). To enhance collaboration between European academia and NMCAs, as well as to engage young scientists in its research endeavours, EuroSDR annually announces the competition 'EuroSDR Award for the best thesis related to geoinformation science'.

Winners of the previous editions:

- 2023: Dr. Ana-Maria Loghin (TU Wien) | 'Potential of Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery for 3D Reconstruction and Classification'

- 2022: Dr. Lulin Zhang (Université Gustave Eiffel) | 'Feature matching for multi-epoch historical aerial images'  & Dr. Calimanut-Ionut Cira (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) | 'Contribution to Object Extraction in Cartography: A Novel Deep Learning-Based Solution to Recognise, Segment and Post-Process the Road Transport Network as a Continuous Geospatial Element in High-Resolution Aerial Orthoimagery'

- 2021: Dr. Marta Sapena Moll (Universitat Politècnica de València) | 'Development and analysis of land-use/land-cover spatio-temporal metrics in urban environments: Exploring urban growth patterns and linkages to socio-economic factors' & Dr. Weiming Huang (Lund University) | 'Geospatial data and knowledge on the Web: Knowledge-based geospatial data integration and visualisation with Semantic Web technologies'

- 2020: Dr. Yolanda Torres Fernández (Universitat Politécnica de Madrid) | 'Exposure and seismic vulnerability assessment using machine leaning techniques with remote sensing data: Applications in Lorca (Spain) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti)' & Dr. Oussama Ennafii (Université Paris-Est) | 'Quality evaluation of 3D building models: a scalable approach'

- 2019: Dr. Florent Poux (University of Liège) | 'The smart point cloud: Structuring 3D intelligent point data'

- 2018: Dr. Mengmeng Li (University of Twente) |  'Urban Land Use Extraction From Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images'

- 2017: Dr. Filip Biljecki (TU Delft) | 'Level of Detail in 3D City Models'

- 2016: Dr. Borja Rodríguez-Cuenca (Universidad de Alcalá) | 'Detection, classification and post classification of urban features from multispectral images and mobile LIDAR point clouds' & Dr. Matthias Müller (Technische Universität Dresden) | 'Service-oriented Geoprocessing in Spatial Data Infrastructures'