Change detection in high resolution land use/land cover geodatabases (at object level)

  • Objectives:

To find efficient means of detecting change that can be used to update cartographic databases that track land cover and land use at scales close to 1:25.000. The aim of the research is to detect changes in land use without necessarily updating them .

To study and evaluate automated object-oriented image classification techniques applied to LULC databases

 To integrate high-resolution images, airborne laser scanner data, and database information to improve the efficiency of the methods used

 To assess the use of these techniques for thematic geospatial databases updating and change detection


  • Partners:

IGN of France

IGN of Spain

Tracasa – Navarra Public University

Valencia Polytechnic University

Alcala de Henares University


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Official Publication No. 64 (2014)
This publication contains the reports 'Change detection of Benchmark of Image Matching', 'Change detection in High Resolution Land Use/Cover Geodatabases', 'Crowdsourcing and National Mapping', a survey on 'The art of 3D Geographical Information Systems'