Workshops and Related Events

28 - 30 January 2015 (Danish Geodata Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Background and scope

25 - 26 November 2014 ( Norwegian Space Centre, 6th floor Drammensveien 165, 0277 Oslo )

EuroSDR, Norway Digital and Norwegian Space Centre organised the workshop "Preparations for Sentinel 2 in Europe".

17 - 20 November 2014 (Denver (CO), United States)

The event ISPRS TC I Mid-term symposium 2014 is jointly organised by EuroSDR and ASPRS in Denver (CO), USA from 17 until 20 November 2014.

The symposium themes/topic are the following

9 - 11 November 2014 (Dubai, UAE)

The increasing complexity of infrastructures and densely built-up areas requires a proper registration of the legal status (private and public), which can only be provided to a limited extent by the existing 2D cadastral registrations.

17 October 2014 (Saint Mandé, France)


9:00 am – 12:00 am

Welcoming participants

12 - 14 February 2014 (Castelldefels, Spain)

The EuroCOW, the European Calibration and Orientation Workshop, is a biennial event organized by the Institute of Geomatics on behalf of the EuroSDR (European Spatial Data Research, Commission I: Sensors, Prima