Feature/Object data models

24 - 25 April 2006 (Munich, Germany)


  • To understand the rationale and business benefits of feature/object data models
  • To evaluate current experience and establish current best practice/state of the art in design and implementation
  • To understand the current status and future plans for moving to feature/object data models
  • To identify outstanding research and development issues
  • To facilitate interoperability at the data model level


Target audience

  • Designers and implementers of data models in any organisation developing and implementing data/information strategies (e.g NMCA’s Local Authorities, Central Government, Utilities and similar or related organisations)
  • Business/market development staff
  • Related researchers and technology providers


Related publications

Official Publication No. 49 (2006)
Official Publication No. 49 contains the final reports of the proceedings of EuroSDR workshop 'PAI2 Achieving Geometric Interoperability of Spatial Data', the 'Next Generation 3D City Models' and the 'Feature/Object Data Models'