Call for Papers: EuroSDR Workshop on Historical and Time Stamped Data for SDGs

23 April 2024 (Zagreb, Croatia)

EuroSDR announces its first workshop on Historical and Time Stamped Geographical Data for SDGs to be held in Zagreb on April 23th 2024.


Date:  April 23th 2024

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Conference:  Historical and Time Stamped Geographical Data for SDGs

Organising Comittee: Zeljko Bacic, Saša Cvitković, Benedicte Bucher, Fabio Remondino, Joep Crompvoet


The focus is on any geographical data replaced by newer versions, including scans of very old maps and also 5-year-old topographic data. Such data are necessary to observe localized dynamics, for example, landscape evolution, and to understand possible dependencies between different phenomena. As such, they are a key asset in the pursuit of UN Agenda 2030 to understand sustainable development. In practice, the effective usage of such data is hindered by the lack of user-oriented solutions to discover them across multiple sources, process them, perform spatio-temporal queries and interpret the result.


This workshop welcomes application-oriented presentations focussed on specific sustainable development goals as well as tools-oriented presentations with a concern for replicability, adaptability across countries and domains in the philosophy of UN Agenda 2030.  Scope is not limited to European countries but can include countries much affected by SDG challenges.


To submit a proposal please send a proposed title and abstract before December 15th to : ,,