Workshop Report on Sustainable Business Models for National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (2024)

This publication reports on the findings of the February 2024 join workshop of EuroGeographics and EuroSDR
business models

EuroGeographics and EuroSDR held a joint event which aimed to provide an inventory of Business Models for National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities (NMCAs). NMCAs have an important role, providing geospatial data that are the backbone of social, economic and environmental services of the countries and territories they serve. All geospatial agencies are facing increasing challenges: limited resources, financial constraints, rapid technological advancements and legislative/national obligations, and competition from challengers from alternative providers of tools and services. EuroSDR and EuroGeographics invited NMCAs, researchers and policy makers to present, discuss and share their experiences during a workshop on 8-9 February 2024. The aim was to provide an inventory of which Business Models NMCAs have implemented, are implementing or will plan to implement to adapt themselves to complete their assignments. Renowned experts from EuroGeographics and EuroSDR presented and discussed their case studies, issues and challenges. Valuable experiences and information from different NMCAs concluded in a very fruitful debate.