Dan Warner

Delegate representing 1Spatial


Short biography

Dan Warner is Head of Government and Land Management at 1Spatial.

About 1Spatial

1Spatial is a software solutions provider and global leader in managing geospatial data.

They work with their clients to deliver real value by making data current, complete and consistent through the use of automated processes – ensuring that decisions are always based on the highest quality information available.

Their unique, rules-based approach delivers enterprise-scale, cross-platform, automation to all stages of the data lifecycle. It builds confidence in the data while reducing the time and cost of stewardship.

The global clients of 1Spatial include utility and telecommunications 
businesses, national mapping and land management agencies, government departments, emergency services, defence, census bureaus and transportation organisations.

A leader in their field, they have a wealth of experience and a record of continual innovation and development.

They partner with some of the leading technology vendors including, Esri, Oracle, Safe Software, Latitude Geographics and SAP.

Their goal is simply to make our data smarter.