Anders Rydén

Second delegate Sweden

Short biography

Anders Rydén joined Lantmäteriet in 1997 and currently holds together strategic development initiatives at the unit for Geographic information at Lantmäteriet. He has a keen interest in exploring innovative approaches to data capture and processing that will prepare Lantmäteriet for future challenges.

Gained from different positions at Lantmäteriet and as an expert in several overseas projects, he has acquired a vast experience in the field of national mapping, ranging from data capture techniques and data sources to data storage and dissemination, including experience in designing large and medium scale map series.

Anders was previously involved in the Swedish implementation of the INSPIRE Directive (national reporter and member of the MIG-T) and has a thorough knowledge of the development of spatial data infrastructures, both from legal/organisational perspectives and technical perspectives.

Anders holds a research degree (Ph.L) in Physical Geography from Uppsala University.


About Lantmäteriet

Lantmäteriet maps the country, demarcates boundaries and helps to guarantee secure ownership of Sweden’s real property. You can get more information and documentation on Sweden’s geography and real properties from them.

They also provide services for subdivisions or changes in land boundaries. They handle applications for registered ownership and also ensure that registration of ownership is done in the real property register.