Julián Delgado Hernández

Prime delegate Spain

Short biography

Julián Delgado Hernández is Head of Service for Land Cover and Land Use at the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN Spain).

As main tasks, he participates in the National Coordination Team for Copernicus Land Service, coordination of SIOSE project (Land Cover/Use National Information System of Spain), and national participation in the production and verification of Copernicus Land Service products according the role of EIONET National Reference Centre on Land Cover, Land Use and Spatial Planning: CORINE Land Cover, High Resolution Layers, Local Component. He participated in the development of object oriented data model for Land Cover and Land Use in the EIONET EAGLE expert group. Especially for obtaining nomenclatures from object oriented systems, generalization SIOSE.

Wide knowledge of INSPIRE directive, data specifications for Annex I, II, III and Generic Conceptual Model. Active member or INSPIRE Clusters community, national expert in the INSPIRE Thematic Working Group on Land Use and participation in the specification definition. Spanish Primer Delegate in EuroSDR, and punctual participation in EuroGeographics expert knowledge networks.

Secretary of CODIIGE working group of Land Cover and Land Use, for applying the INSPIRE specifications on Land Cover and Land Use in the Spanish Public Administrations.

Member on the UNE/CTN148 National Technical Committee for Standardization on geographic information, national body embraced with ISO/TC211.

Teacher of courses for management of geographic information, earth observation techniques and INSPIRE Directive (description and transformation) for Spanish Public Administrations' technicians.

About IGN Spain

Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN Spain) was created in 1870 as a respond to governmental administration of cartography activities. Nowadays IGN-CNIG plays the role of National Mapping Agency with competences also in other fields in geo-information such as: geospatial reference data, topographic databases, cartography, earth observation, spatial data infrastructures, geo-information historical archival, astronomy, geodesy, geophysics and national representation in international forums of geo-information.

Particularly remarkable is the IGN-CNIG data policy regulation aligned with the INSPIRE data-sharing principles, Directive 2003/98/CE for the re-use of public sector information and national Ministerial Orders FOM/956/2008 and FOM/2807/2015 where all IGN-CNIG geospatial information is accessible for the users free of charge, including also to the private sector.