Registration is now open | Workshop Geo Immersive Reality - The use of geospatial data in augmented and virtual reality technologies (28 - 29 April 2020, Southampton)

19 November 2019

A 1.5 day EuroSDR workshop co-organised by Ordnance Survey GB on “Geo Immersive Reality – the use of geospatial data in augmented and virtual reality technologies”.

When:  28-29 April 2020           
Where: Ordnance Survey, Southampton, England

This workshop aims to bring together experts from industry, academia and national mapping agencies to present and discuss the future of Geo Immersive Reality for mapping purposes, covering topics across the augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) spectrum.

The objective is to reflect on the opportunities that emerging technologies, research insights, and successful products and services can have in helping national mapping agencies, geospatial data users and providers understand the data needs for these technologies, and how they can support governments and citizens.

Topics included are:

  • Public Engagement
  • Digital Twins and Infrastructure Visualisation
  • Immersive experiences and outdoor leisure
  • Challenges for data providers

The event aims to offer knowledge exchange with discussion panels assessing the obstacles, benefits and weaknesses of the immersive reality environment. Presentations of active projects will raise awareness of the possibilities and motivate ideas for future geospatial data capabilities. The program will provide a mix of invited speakers and an exhibition area with hands-on demonstrations. 

Full details are available on the registration page along with FAQs, accommodation and venue details.