EuroSDR One-Day Workshop on Single Photon and Geiger-Mode LiDAR | 6 March 2019

27 November 2018

After several years of significant but incremental technological developments in the LiDAR sector, the field is currently witnessing potentially revolutionary change through the introduction of Single Photon LiDAR (SPL) and Geiger-Mode LiDAR technology. SPL / Geiger-Mode arguably provides a more efficient approach to perform high-resolution 3D mapping. It has higher efficiency with respect to traditional linear LiDAR and offers additional 3D mapping capability in terms of swath width, spatial resolution, acquisition time and density of range returns.

These developments have led to National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCAs) considering a change in their production pipelines, while mapping companies are contemplating upgrading their airborne systems. However, few open datasets and experiences are available to inform such decisions, and the global geospatial community is keen to learn more information about the technology and its deployment for 3D territorial mapping.

These facts and considerations motivated the organization of this EuroSDR Workshop on SPL and Geiger-Mode LiDAR technology in Barcelona, Spain. The one-day workshop aims to bring together experts, researchers, developers and practitioners in the mapping sector to discuss this exciting new scanning technology and the results achieved to date.

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