Follow-up workshop Digital Twins

25 May 2022 (Online)

In January we had a very successful workshop on Digital Twins (DTs) for National Mapping Agencies and other governmental organisations (see the website for the presentations and recordings: 

To use the momentum of the workshop, we organised a mini-workshop as follow-up. This also allowed us to redo Claire Ellul's presentation on the outcomes of the EuroSDR questionnaire on the status of DTs in Europe, which unfortunately suffered from a poor internet connection during the workshop in January.

Following Claire’s presentation on the (updated) questionnaire results, we had an interactive session to discuss what activities EuroSDR could deploy on the subject of Digital Twin (using the workshop of January and the questionnaire outcomes as input).

The follow-up workshop was online on Wednesday morning 25th of May 10:30-12:30 CET.

Recordings: You can watch the recordings of the workshop here.

The questionnaire is still open for new responses, see:



Welcome on behalf of EuroSDR (Jantien Stoter, Kadaster/TU Delft)


Results EuroSDR questionnaire on opportunities and challenges of Digital Twins for NMCAs and other governmental organisations (Claire Ellul, University College London)


Interactive discussion on what activities EuroSDR should deploy on the subject of Digital Twin (Claire, Jantien)

Additionally, as mentioned during the workshop in January, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is also conducting a survey on this topic. While some elements of the questionnaire (technical and non-technical challenges) are similar to the EuroSDR questionnaire, the NUS version has a wider scope – i.e. beyond NMCAs, and is also focused world-wide rather than on Europe. We collaborated with NUS to build upon our work and to also add the European and NMCA’s perspective in the NUS survey.


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