EuroSDR/1Spatial Workshop | Common problems in the data supply chain

16 June 2021

EuroSDR and 1Spatial recently partnered to produce a questionnaire aiming to identify common problems in the data supply chain during the production of Authoritative Geospatial Data. The response rate was positive with nearly 50 agencies responding, therefore providing a good representation of current practices across Europe. The results showed some interesting results such as a move towards identifying data capture, and validation methods for 3D data and data quality processes varying depending on the data use case involved.

EuroSDR and 1Spatial have arranged a workshop on the 16th June from 10-12am CET to present the results of the questionnaire and discuss three key topics from the results. These discussions will inform a report to be produced by 1Spatial and EuroSDR. During the workshop we will be discussing three key topics that were brought out in the questionnaire results:

  1. 60% of agencies that responded are now collecting 3D data as standard. As the use of 3D data increasingly becomes standard practice, what are the common methodologies being used to capture the data?
  2. The majority of agencies mentioned that automated data quality processes are only used on certain data types or use cases. One of the topics of discussion will be identifying if there is commonality in the decision making process between agencies.
  3. 86% of respondents said they had a standardised or partly standardised process for monitoring data quality in existing authoritative datasets. One of our discussion points will be identifying if there are similarities across the agencies that could become a Europe wide standard data quality process.

We would be delighted if you could attend the workshop so please confirm your place at the workshop by selecting this 
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