EuroSDR Seminar | Linked Data Group

11 December 2019 (73 Avenue de Paris, 94 160 Saint Mandé, France)

Contacts: Bénédicte Bucher (IGN, France), Esa Tiainen (NLS, Finland), Erwin Folmer (Kadaster)

This seminar is the first physical meeting of EuroSDR Linked Data Group.

The EuroSDR Linked Data Group aims at connecting people who are keen on Linked Data technology and who are truly aware of the specific context -missions and constraints- of organizations who produce and deliver spatial and located data (typically national mapping agencies but also geological surveys, statistical institutes). Objectives for this group have been identified during a quick off webinar in February 2019: 1) facilitate the publication of data from national mapping and cadastral agencies or from similar organizations, 2) mutualise efforts and engage with scientific communities in designing harmonization solutions for these data published as linked data, or for other data using linked data, 3) reaching out more users of our data served as Linked data, and 4) reach for extra funding as well as opportunities.

One objective of this first seminar is to share results and proposals with respect to Linked Data challenges that could be addressed together by the group or that could be advertised outside. Another objective is to study the possibility of setting up a common semantic geoweb sandbox.

Registration is free of charge but mandatory.

The seminar attendance is limited to participants of the EuroSDR Linked data group. To register to this group, please follow: 

To register for the seminar, please send an email to one organiser before November 29th: or