3rd International Workshop on Spatial Data Quality

28 - 29 January 2020 (Valletta, Malta)

Following previous successful workshops in 2015 and 2018, EuroGeographics and EuroSDR, in conjunction with OGC, ISO and ICA, are pleased to announce a third workshop on spatial data quality to be held in Valletta, Malta on 28th and 29th January 2020.

Technology is driving the Geospatial industry forward at an alarming rate with the introduction of new capture methods, improved technology and an increasing customer base that not only recognises the importance of spatial data but expects it to be readily available, accurate, trustworthy and free. Traditional methods of checking quality are now regarded as too expensive and the focus has shifted into ways of ensuring that quality is built into a method or process from the very beginning.

Many of the users know little about how data is produced but they have an expectation that the data is correct – almost to the point where they will blindly follow a satellite navigation system, even though the road signs may indicate that a route is unsuitable.

The onus is therefore on producers of traditional geospatial information to be able to produce high quality, authoritative data and communicate the trust, quality, provenance, relevance and content to all potential users – not just those in the professional community.

By bringing together producers, users, academia and software suppliers this two-day event aims at providing innovative and original contributions to the ongoing debate on spatial data quality.

The full announcement for the workshop is available here.

Workshop topics

• Quality evaluation of spatial data
• Quality certification and accreditation of spatial data
• Use of international metadata and quality standards
• Quality issues in spatial data infrastructures (e.g. national, INSPIRE)
• Communication/visualization of spatial data quality
• Spatial data usability / quality from the users perspective
• Impact of data quality on decision making
• Spatial data quality vs scales / resolution
• Applications of spatial data quality
• Quality of geospatial services
• Research trends in spatial data quality
• Practical implementation of spatial data quality assessment
• Quality Standards
• Software for measuring quality
• Quality of 3rd party data, crowdsourced / OSM etc.
• Authoritative data




Evaluating Quality of Spatial Data Coming from Multiple Suppliers. Case of the Finnish National Topographic Database

Mari Isomäki

Solutions for Encouraging Spatial Data Producers to Co-Operate in Harmonizing National Topographic Data

Nils Mesterton

Ohsome – OpenStreetMap data quality analysis

Martin Raifer, Michael Auer, Lukas Loos, Rafael Troilo, Fabian Kowatsch, Johannes Visintini and Alexander Zipf

Count based quality control of “As Built” BIM datasets using the ISO 19157 framework

Francisco Javier Ariza-López, José Rodríguez-Avi, Juan Francisco Reinoso and Iñigo Antonio Ariza-López

Thematic accuracy and completeness of topographic maps

Kiira Mõisja

Data quality in an e-Government perspective

Morten Borrebaek, Jim Yang and Anne Karete Hvidsten

GeoMetadata Labs platform: hosting infolabs for collaborative metadata curation

Benedicte Bucher and Marie-Dominique Van Damme

Data Maturity – Geo data growing up

Dan Warner from 1Spatial

Motivation and the need for the revision of ISO 19157:2013 Geographic information – Data quality

Ivana Ivanova, Torsten Svärd and Mats Ahlin

Understanding the importance of Provenance from the Perspective of a Geospatial Decision-Maker

Nikolaos Papapesios, Claire Ellul, Artemis Skarlatidou, Amanda Shakir and Glen Hart

Authoritative Geospatial Data and its quality

Joep Crompvoets

Evaluation of Height Models

Karsten Jacobsen

The quality control column set: An alternative to the confusion matrix for thematic accuracy quality controls

Francisco Javier Ariza-López, José Rodríguez-Avi, Virtudes Alba-Fernández and José L. García-Balboa

Creating Data Quality Models

Quality Knowledge Exchange Network

The Malta experience

Antonello Rizzo Naudi

Building Register – Basis for 3D Cadastre

Nikola Vučić and Damir Šantek

Rebuilding the cadastral map of The Netherlands, overall concept & communication on geometric quality

Eric Hagemans and Anouk Huisman – van Zijp

New common method for declaring data quality in Denmark

Lars Erik Storgaard and Jan Hjelmager

Data Quality for Use: A Linked Data approach

Erwin Folmer and Wouter Beek


The entities participating in the organization of the Workshop are:

• Eurogeographics
• EuroSDR
• Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
• International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 211 Geographic Information
• International Cartographic Association (ICA)

Programme Committee

• Jonathan Holmes (Chair Eurogeographics – Quality KEN)
• Carol Agius (Eurogeographics)
• Tamás Palya (Eurogeographics Quality KEN)
• Karin Mertens (EuroGeographics Quality KEN)
• Antti Jakobsson (Maanmittauslaitos Finland)
• Bart De Lathouwer (OGC)
• Ray Patrucco (OS Great Britain)
• Joep Crompvoets (EuroSDR)
• Agneta Engberg (ISO TC211)
• Serena Coetzee (ICA)
• Franz-Josef Behr (ICA)


Contact email for any queries jonathan.holmes@os.uk