Adam Andrzejewski

Prime delegate Poland

Short biography

Adam Andrzejewski is currently the Director of the Department of Geodesy, Cartography and GIS at the Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography (GUGiK) in Poland. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in 2010, specializing in photogrammetry and remote sensing. Adam joined GUGiK immediately after graduating in 2010. As a young employee, he took part in large EU-funded projects aimed at, among others, developing a DTM for the entire country in LIDAR technology. In 2017, he became the Head of the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Division, and from June 2019 he has been the Director of the Department of Geodesy, Cartography and GIS at GUGiK. The Department he manages is responsible for central geodetic and cartographic resource in Poland.

About Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography (GUGiK)

The Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography is an office operating under the direct patronage of the Surveyor General of Poland. The Surveyor General of Poland performs tasks specified in the Surveying and Cartographic Act, particularly:

  • Supervising realization of the state policy in the scope of land surveying and cartography,
  • Playing a function of a higher level body, as understood pursuant to the Code of administrative conduct in relation to voivodship inspectorates of land surveying an cartographic supervision, and supervises and controls their actions,
  • Maintaining the national surveying and cartographic centre, and allocating funds from the Surveying and Cartographic Centre Fund,
  • Maintaining records in the systems of information on lands with general state importance, and cooperating with other resorts in establishment and management of the geographic information systems,
  • Cooperating with international and regional organizations as well as bodies and offices of other countries, specialized in the area of land surveying and cartography,
  • Initiating scientific and R&D works in the scope of organizational and technical standards, as well as application of IT, photogrammetric and satellite solutions in the field of land surveying and cartography, and within the state land information system,
  • Granting professional qualifications in the area of land surveying and cartography, keeping the register of qualified persons, and cooperating with local governments and professional organizations associating land surveyors and cartographers,
  • Implementing tasks in the scope of defense matters, crisis management and protection of confidential information pertaining to land surveying and cartographic activity, ensuring that the legal provisions related to personal details protection are followed, and monitoring operation of the data security management system,
  • Developing guidelines related to common taxation of real property, and supervising the procedure,
  • Developing principles regarding agreements on location of the designed infrastructural network systems,
  • Creating and maintaining the geoportal of spatial information, as the central access point for services (such as searching, reviewing, downloading, transforming) within a full thematic and territorial range of infrastructure,
  • Keeping publicly available records of spatial data collections and services covered by the infrastructure, and providing them with uniform identification,
  • Being responsible for contacts with the European Commission, in relation to cases specified in the Spatial Information Infrastructure Act.