New workshop | Geodata and Tools for Education and Research (14 June 2022)

22 March 2022

The focus of this workshop is the value of geodata for education and research and possible solutions to improve this value, incl. during the specification of new data products. Geographical data and analyses are a useful asset for several domains of education and of research like geography, history, urbanism or environmental science, among others, from primary school to high education and life-long learning. Reciprocally, from the perspective of data providers, education and research are particularly important application domains because of their concern for linking knowledge (production or dissemination) with data, for adopting critical perspectives on data.

In the specific context of Europe, as more and more data will become open for all, geographical or not, this workshop aims at studying these users’ capacity to make the most of the wealth of this data and how to design dedicated solutions. It also targets possible synergies to interconnect existing approaches, usually national, and achieve cross-national solutions, in Europe and beyond. This is also an opportunity to advance the identification of future products required for these activities.

This workshop is organized by EuroSDR and proposes to study current experiences developed by EuroDR members, mainly at national mapping agencies, as well as proposals stemming from AGILE research communities.

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