New Publication | Workshop report - Geodata and Tools for Education and Research (2022)

13 March 2023

Geographical data and analyses are a useful asset in several domains of education and research including geography, history, urbanism or environmental science, amongst others, from primary school to higher education and life-long learning. In the specific context of Europe, as more and more data (including geographic data) becomes open for all, it is crucial to ensure these users have the capacity to make the most of the wealth of this data.
Reciprocally, from the perspective of data providers, education and research are particularly important application domains. They have the ability to link knowledge (production or dissemination) with data and adopt critical  perspectives on this data.
In this context, a half-day workshop was organised by EuroSDR during the 2022 conference of the Association of Geographical Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE). It focussed on current experiences developed by EuroSDR members, mainly at national mapping agencies, as well as proposals stemming from AGILE research communities, to share experiences and visions on this topic. It also targeted possible synergies to interconnect existing approaches, usually national, and achieve crossnational solutions, in Europe and beyond.

You can download the workshop report here.