Announcement: EuroSDR Working group “NMCA's getting actively involved in Linked Data!”, workingsession IGN Paris, April 10th.

5 February 2015

Linked Data is a development which seems to connect to the field of interesting of EuroSDR members in two ways : 

First, it's another way to address similar issues (distributing and sharing information on the web). It is worthwhile studying if these technologies perform better than the state of the art techniques used by NMA for some issues like multiple representation, schema transformation and cataloguing; 

Second, it yields new needs for location framework –different contents from INSPIRE contents- and it is important to have a uniform location framework across INSPIRE and the web of data. In this context, EuroSDR strength relates to : our competenc in data integration based on spatial criteria, our competence in heterogeneties encountered while modelling reality Europe-wide.

The objective of the working group is to bring structure in what's happening and what should be happening in Europe concerning this topic for 2015 and 2016. Topics which will be part of this roadmap are:

a) Scope of Linked data research and experiments;

b) potentials of Linked data technologies for NMCAs, incl. in terms of new usages for authoritative location framework brought up by these technologies;

c) ongoing initiatives that operate on the border of geo-ICT and Linked data;

The working group comes together at the 10th of April and is organized by EuroSDR. This session contains of active break-out sessions which concern discussions and the sharing of information about Linked Data. The result is the official EuroSDR-roadmap for upcoming linked data research.

Do you want to be part of the EuroSDR-workinggroup and be frontrunner of linked data in Europe? The count of registers is limited to 15, so please register soon. Registration is now open!

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