Commission 6: Knowledge Transfer


The mission of Commission 6 is to provide education services in order to support the transfer of knowledge from EuroSDR research projects to national mapping and cadastre agencies (NMCAs), academia and industry. The Commission also focus on fulfilling specific NMCAs demands for knowledge update, collecting and disseminating methodologies, developed tools and other research outcomes in the form of EuroSDR’s official publications and via EuroSDR’s homepage. 


·       EduServ
EuroSDR Educational Service (EduServ) is a flagship of EuroSDR professional education running annually since 2002. It combines a two-day pre-course seminar and two-week e-learning courses on selected topics in Geoinformation Science connected to EuroSDR research projects and workshops. It also follows new trends and needs of NMCAs for training and education. Annually, four e-learning courses are offered. Each course is repeated in two subsequent years.

EduServ 2021, 2020201920182017201620152014, …


·       Short courses
Short courses/courses on demand are organised based on requirement of NMCAs’ for a training in specific area of Geoinformation technology.

- Short course on Photogrammery 20192017
- One-week course in Gravity and Height for National Mapping and Geodetic Surveying 2015


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